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Hi, I'm Stan!

Web Dev & Student Computer Science & Data Science @UAntwerp

Skills & Interests

Data Visualization
Education & Experience

June 2016

Graduated High School Latin-Mathematics

September 2016

Start Bachelor Computer Science @UAntwerp

February 2017

Student Job as System Admin & Backend Developer @Acacia (B2B Company)

April 2018 - December 2018

Student Job as Frontend & Backend Developer @Froomle

Froomle is a spinoff of the @UAntwerp. It builds recommendations systems for webshops, … by applying state-of-the-art data science and AI. I developed frontends and backends for internal and external web apps.

April 2018

Nano Degree Advanced Javascript by @Udacity commissioned by Google

import __future__

September 2019

Finished Bachelor Degree

September 2019

Start Master Computer Science @UAntwerp with a major in Data Science & AI and a minor in Entrepreneurship

September 2021

Finish Master Degree


  1. [2019 June] Classification of Electrocardiograms Using Machine Learning
    [Github] [PDF]

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